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Our New Practice

Our New Practice:

The Fairfield Orthodontic Center

I am thrilled and honored to become a part of this long standing tradition of excellence in orthodontics.  Dr. Thomas Christie, of The Fairfield Orthodontic Center is well known throughout Connecticut for producing beautifully radiant smiles that last a lifetime.  From his superior knowledge of facial growth, to his ability to transform a growing child into a confident, glowing adolescent, Dr. Christie's reputation precedes him.  Serving the community for over 40 years, Dr. Christie has invited me into his practice, to keep this level of service going. 

The Facial Print was established by Dr. Thomas Christie. 

Too long a guessing game, the proper early childhood orthodontic procedures can now be guided by accurately forecasting how a child's face will look at maturity.  This is determined by using Dr. Christie's facial print.  This growth forecast enables the doctor to establish the best time to begin active therapy for each individual.  Orthodontic therapy can be performed at any time from childhood through the adult years.  The most opportune time to begin therapy in children is at the earliest stage of problem recognition.  Orthodontic correction is much easier in young children because their bones are more pliable and children able to cope with the treatment.  Using Dr. Christie's "facial print" can accurately provide facial growth forecasting and necessary corrective orthodontic and orthopedic procedures.  Beautiful faces are what we strive for!

We look forward to working with you to achieve your orthodontic goals!

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